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Nelly Furtado - Well, Well



Well, well, what do I say

Looks like what goes around comes around

And everyone will have their final say

Sometime, someday

Looks like I only love God when the sun shines my way

Looks like I'm into divinity only when I can see its sweet, sweet rays


I say what I mean but I don't mean what I say

Well, well, it's fine out today

I say what I mean but I don't mean what I say

Well, well, it's fine out

Well, well, what do I say

I've never seen a bad day look quite this way

And well, well, what do I do

When all of my thoughts run right back to you

Looks like I meant to speak with logic,

but hon', the carnal always gets in the way

Well well, this fire was more funner than proper grammar anyway


Then you get to the part where your heart just wants to die

Then you get to the part where your heart screams it just sighs

Then you get to the part where your heart knows it's a crime

So it flies like a bird, it's heard, it's heard, it's heard the word


Today, today, today, today

Well, well, it's fine out




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