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nofx - Liza and louise



Liza's had enough of men

She says, she won't get buried again

She says, they don't know how to fuck

Her last boyfriend, the shmuck

Shared with her a nice disease

Kept her passive, on her knees

'Til one day she took his car

And drove it to the city

Liza had put down a few

When she met this girl named Lou

Who convinced her to go home with her

She said, "My name's Louise

Now will you take off my clothes please?

I want to take you to the moon and back

So get on your back."

With a flick of the tongue

She made her scream

She made her laugh

She made her dance

She was happy for the first time

And you know she wanted more

Now with her legs spread wider

She needed to have Louise inside her

She said, "I'll never forget the first time

You kissed me, now I want you to fist me."

Louise didn't need a second invitation

She knew just what to do ( X 2 )

Liza had cum a few times before

But she had never even seen the door

Into the world of pleasures of the flesh

She felt just like 16

And her life before now was a dream

Or even a nightmare thats over and done

Just like warm healing rays

Shining from the sun

(Liza and Louise courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords)




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