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Nu Flavor - Most beautiful girl



Ooo girl I'd walk a hundred miles

To see your pretty face each time you smile

There is no distance for me, long as I can believe

I'll see you tonight

Simply no distance for me, girl you gotta believe

I need you tonight

I'll never forget, the first time I set

My eyes on you I thought I would die

You were my lovely day, took my breath away

Now I'm walking with my head to the sky


You are the most beautiful girl, I've ever seen in this world

You came in my life just in time

You are the most beautiful girl, I just gotta tell the world

She's all mine

I just can't find the words to say

This kind of feeling don't come every day

It feels like heaven to me, love has given me wings

Girl you light up my life

You feel like heaven to me, every day's like a dream

Having you by my side

I'll never forget, the first time I set

My eyes on you I thought I would cry

It was my lucky day, when you came my way

'N I'm still walking with my head to the Sky


Oh girl

The sun and the moon, the starrs in the skies

They don't shine as bright as the light in your eyes

And it brightens my day, when I realize

In just a few hours I'll be holding you tight





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