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Payable On Death (P.O.D.) - Lie down



I lie down, I sleep

When I wake, sustain me

Outkast blast through deception, the tension, your mind collapse

Relapse, the stress of matter, when I shatter like glass

The never seen, the never heard style we bring forth

Can't ignore, the four, ripp'n straight when I take your title

Self, X it out like homicidal

It's vital, to make my flesh be suicidal

We tribal, sing with the Saints, let our spirits fly

Hold down the strong with the power Jah has given I

Break back the chains, release the squeeze off my veins

Empty box, hollow rocks, I knock you out your frame

Shallow grave marks the date, Oh' Babylon the great

Evil virus, be like Cyrus, trample down your gates

We're the ones, the chosen sons

Come out of dark into light, rather fight than run

We came to die for the reasons you put us down

Don't know when, could have then, what's the time, the time is now

I lie down, I sleep

When I wake, sustain me

Ready, attack, bout' to break you down fast like collision

Religion, take you from vision to flashback

In an instant, calculate precise precision

It's vivid, turn your intimidation to timid

I'm in it, count down to self-destruction

That's word to my mother when you suffer the repercussions

Clear the path, it's the wrath coming through

You ain't got what it takes to make me break

Because I'm harder than you

I'm harder than you

You ain't got what it takes




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