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Payable On Death (P.O.D.) - Three in the power of one



Souls black as

But it's nothing for the children of God to fight

We wrestle not with flesh and blood

But with the principalities of darkness

So put on your armor of God

For the day of battle will come

But the victory is already ours

Through Christ in the power of one

The Power of Christ

Surrounded by the angels of God

Step to the realm where evil reigns

We are soldiers prepared for war

With the power to speak his name

Satan with his legion of demons

Deceiving with his wicked ways

With his life he has paid

With his word I will slay

Any demon that steps in my way

So bring it on

Bring it on

It's the P.O.D. on the mic rockin' the set

In case you didn't know Payable On Death

Making suckers drop, kick'n non stop

The hard rock'n thrash, with a little hip hop

Four christians brother on a roll, there we go

Coming up hard, but you know we got soul

I'm strapped, yes we're packed, and it's about time

Jesus got my back P.O.D.'s on the frontline

Three in the power of one, three in the power of one

Three in the power of one, three in the power of one

Three in the power of one, three in the power of one

Three in the power of one, three in the power of one




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