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Payable On Death (P.O.D.) - Who is right



I'm just a loc'd out brother

Com'n straight from S.D.

Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority

Taught to love one antogher, all races

All tipes of colors, different skin, different faces

Can you answer my question, when I ask you who is right?

Racists come in all forms of colors black of white

So take that when I say your hatred sucks!

Coming from the H-I-T man, so what's up?

If you ain't down with my white brother we ain't down with you

And if you ain't down with my clack brother then we ain't down with you

Punk, punk talking that trash

White trash, black trash, you get a back to back slap

You tink I'm soft, the you don't know me

Cause no I don't play that and we're definitely not your homie

He'll take your pride for a long ride, try and hide

You hate my outside, how bout my inside

It's just me and my boys and we'll hit 'em up

Yeah, come on ya'll, get 'em up

One for peace, two for love and three for my G-O-D

Yeah, come on ya'll, get 'em up

Get your hands up

One for peace, two for love and three for my G-O-D

Now that's dread to you head for my final conclusion

Straight up acts 10 holmes it's Peter's vision

So get up Peter, kill and eat

Surely not Lord this meat is unclean

For my Lord makes nothng unclean

Creatures of the world, all beasts and human beings

Black or white, who is right?

Peace and love through my Lord Jesus Christ!

Then Peter began to speak, I now realize how God does not show

Favoritism but accepts man from every nation

Who fear Him and do what is right

Black or white, who is right?




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