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Pennywise - Nothing



Life - I was a lonely man

with my lead boots nailed to the floor

dancing the best that I can

Sweets-took the pain away

I saw a cold death at the end of the line

so I started to pray

Up towards the sky but knew no one would

answer me. I asked the trees why they

grew toward the sun. I asked the clouds

and they rained down bad luck on me

Oh my god why hath thou forsaken me

I asked the teachers who taught me rules

to obey. I asked the gaes and prophets

through time. Came up nothing but

a hole where my faith had laid no

reason, no rite......nothing feels fine tonight

crime it was a price to pay

I found the hole world as guilty as I

It took the danger away

Hate-it was so easy to do

You just directed all your anger at fear

and then you follow it through

I went to churches and schools to decide

for me. I went to prophets to plea for

my life. Went to my parents who gave

this dark life to me. I don't need to

I don't want to. I don't want to

wonder why. If you don't want to

hear my problems well you can fuck

off and die. You do not know. Dont

say you know. Give me some answers

fpor my life.... now got some explaining to do

I've got to come up with solutions in time

before my future is through

Hope - for my new promise today

Still I got this strane feeling that

time is slowly slipping away...




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