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Prince - Life O' The Party




This is the life o' the party

We gonna do it right

So Ur havin' a party?

Goody 4 U

All the beautiful people gonna b there?

Yeah, that's cool

U know Ur gonna have a good time cause U got the news

That the life o' the party is gonna party with U

We're doing our own thing

Until the sun'll come up

Sweet Candy gonna b there

Yeah, it's gonna b rough

She ain't got no off switch

And neither do eye

When U read it in the paper 2morrow

U gonna hang Ur head and cry


We gonna have us a party

All r welcome 2

We ain't down with nobody

That don't party like we do

Once we get it started

We got 2 go all night

This is the life of the party

We gonna do it right

Why party in your own yard

When U can party in mine?

All the beautiful people gonna b there

Puttin' the "I" in fine

Throw the records out my window

CD's out the door

Might as well give it 2 the milkman

We don't want it no more

Everybody can smell this funk y'all

Down in Altanta GA

Everybody, even Dre and Em, know it's OK

Hey, we don't need any trippin' y'all on this special day

We just callin' 2 let U know

U better not come if U can't stay


What's it gonna take 2 get Ur booty soakin' wet?

U and me closer baby, that's a bet

Eye'm the life of the party

As long as eye got your body

Shakin like a leaf on a tree

Cutie come dance with me

U and me, we got mad chemistry

Don't it make U wanna holler?

Come with the life of the party, y'all

We're still makin dollars

25 years 2 life

The judge sentenced me 2 hard labor with a knife

Making cuts 4 y'all

Keeping the party packed and wall 2 wall

Eye don't care what they say

"He don't play the hits no more

plus eye thought he was gay"

But it ain't nothing if it ain't fun

My voice is getting higher

and Eye ain't never had my nose done

That's the other guy

All the purple hippies bang your head on the 1





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