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Prince - Somewhere Here On Earth



I know u're out there

I can feel ur eyes on me

The same influence and touch

Cuz love is just 2 much

I know u're ready for me

I can feel ur hands on me

I really want u 2

But we're just 2 shy 2 speak

Here on earth

All on earth

I feel

As long as u're here on earth

I know, I know u're out there

I feel u getting closer 2 me

I'm just wondering what u're waiting 4

When u know I am free

Instead of ur rage, u could just page me

But that was a bridge, I just don't think I'd gauge

I like the face to face

Do you want 2 do this at urs, or my place?

It's been so long

Since I been with somebody

I admit

But now I'm here on earth

I know u hear me

Like a whisper in ur ear

U don't have to feel me

U r the thing I hold so dear

I know u already love me

And now u're just 2 cute 2 say

Somebody somewhere put u down

But that's ok, that's ok

When u feel

It's time 2 heal

Nobody says

We're both here on earth




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