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R Kelly - If I'm Wit You



I don't understand

I do all this for you

You contemplating on me

Or is it him

Or is it me

Or is it him

He told you he'd be there for you

And he wasn't

I told you I'd be there for you

And I was

And still is the real is

Who takes care of biz

Took you from apartments

And got you home like The Wiz

I'm not the kind of guy

To give you everything

But if you're real then

You can get some ice in your rings

You and me straight to the crib

Off the tour bus

Spottin' my eyes, fireplace, big as us

It really don't matter

Who's first in the shower

Fruit platter from a young maid every hour

And when it comes down to the dollar

You can have it

All ya gotta do is keep it hoppin' like a rabbit

Friends come around don't be ready to change

Treat me like a stepchild when I';m up on my game

Remember I'm the first to give your cootie the pain

So I wanna hear you answer when I ask you my name

Ooh baby, I want you here with me

And give you everything

That your heart desires

Lady can you feel me

Do you wanna be with me for always

Baby can't you see

What you do to me

when he do the things that he has done to you baby

[1] - You don't need nobody to love you

You don't need nobody to kiss you

You don't need nobody to please you, ooh babe

Cuz I can do those things if I'm wit you, baby

Now who took you in when that nigga put you out

And who picked you up when that nigga put you down

Restraining orders keep that fool from around

Had to set you up in a spot downtown

See I was the one who was there for you

But I'm not the one that's gonna play the two

Channel bags in the trunk what you gon' do

You could treat the future like a menu

As long as I'm the only one to bend you

And when you wanna take a flight I'm the one to send you

Never be the one that's out to hurt you

Tell you that I'm there and then desert you

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Baby, can't you see

What you do to me

When he do the things he do to you, baby

[Repeat 1 until fade]




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