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Ramones - Too Tough To Die



I am a tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tough tough guy

I tell no tales i do no lie

I am a tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tough tough guy

halo round my head to tough to die

main attraction in a freak side show

down in the basement where the cobwebs grow

on my last leg just gettin' by

halo round my read too tough to die

rainy days rain cool wine

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine

hot sweat on my face

i feel like goin' out someplace

up late light my chocolate sweet

down at the gym where the muscle boys meet

i am very nice guy very sincere

in real good shape i have no fear

at the concert when the band comes on

i am in the ring where i belong

on my last leg just gettin' by

halo round my head too tough to die




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