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Rancid - Indestructible



And I know, I?m indestructible

And I know, I?m indestructible


Break down! Caught tell me its not true

It?s a shakedown! Come on tell me who are you

It?s so fake now, everything I see right through

I?m ashamed now, to say I ever know you

See the greater minions make a move on their feet

Kill them anywhere from here even from the head

Girls that seem so hot and I?m just sitting here laughing

I?m gonna keep going up, I can?t get distracted

And I know, I?m indestructible

And I know, I?m indestructible


Lay back! Why cant you all come and save me

And you will never betray me

And I?ll give back everything that you gave me

And I know that no one can never ever contain me

And I, walking I walk down to some American consumer, nah

And I?m dancing now to a whole different drummer

And I keep listening to the great Joe Strummer

cause through music, we can live forever

And I know, I?m indestructible

And I know, I?m indestructible





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