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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Behind The Sun



One day while bathing in the sea

my talking dolphin spoke to me

he spoke to me in symphony

from freedom's peace beneath the sea

he looked to me eyes full of love

said yes we live behind the sun

Behind the sun

The sun goes up

and the sun gets down

but like the heart of the sun

my heart continues to pound

Now while I shower in the rain

I watch my dolphin swim away

the one who listens to the surf

can feel the pulse beat of the earth

and like my dolphin swims so free

the sun does swim into the sea

Behind the sun

An island flying through the sky

one day your son might ask you why

and if you son should be a girl

she too might ask you of this world

the sun shines sweet upon your beach

and yes my dolphin loves to teach

Behind the sun

The sun goes up

and the sun gets down

but like the heart of the sun

my heart continues to pound




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