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Reel Big Fish - Unity



There's a war goin' down between my brothers tonight

I don't want no war goin' down tonight

Civilization? Ha! I call it as I see it

I call it bullshit! you know, I still cannot believe it

Our evolution now has gone the way of hate

A world evolved resolved into it's stupid fate

Stop this war!

All so different yeah, I say we're all the same

All caught, you know in the division game

Self destruction fast impending like a bullet

No one can stop it, once it's fired, no one can control it

Stop this war!

A final word wait it's not a call to action

We ain't no sect, we ain't no fucking faction

Unity, unity you've heard it all before

This time it's not exclusive we want to stop a war

Unity as one, stand together

Unity, evolution gonna come!




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