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Ritchie Valens - Ooh! My Head



Well, well,now,now baby
Let´s just go all night long
Well, on,on,on,on,darlin
I just want you-to-go-on more
There won´t be no tuttie fruiti
No lolly pop,cmon baby just
Rock, rock, rock

Well, now, now, now, now, honey
We gonna rock all night
Well babe,babe,babe,babe,baby
We´re just gonna go fine
Well on, on, on, on, darlin´
Ooh, my head!

Well, Bonie Moronie,Peggy Sue yeah!
They ain´t gonna be around no more
Well,on now dit-a-little darlin
We just gonna party some more
Daylight,I love you darlin
Ooh my head! (now let´s go)

Well now,now,now,now,baby
Keep me rockin on an on
Well I just reelin´ till it´s over
Oh,just all night long
Ooh my head!

Rock it out.....
Come on.....
My head is tired!




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