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Roxette - Crazy About You




I'm crazy about you

I'll give you all my love

Yes I'm crazy about you

Night and day, day and night

I'll be your heart's salvation

Hey baby, let's stay together

Let's make it now and forever

I want to show it and shout it

and tell the whole world about it

I thought it never could happen

I thought you never would see me

You run a lovin' locomotive

You make my needs very primitive

The more I get, the more I want from you, of your affection

When you're around, I'm in control, I feel a complete connection

Hello, hello

I'm so crazy about you, you know... baby

Hello, hello, hello

Yes I'm crazy, so crazy about you

C'mon close your eyes, honey, trust me!

I want to enjoy your body

I want to take you much higher

and play the game of desire

Well I can't hide

I'm getting hungry for a bite

I'm blinded by this obsession

I keep dancing like your possession

I'll wrap my legs all around you I'll show you total devotion

No need to talk Love will speak to you with sweet emotions

Hello, hello

I'm so crazy about you, you

Hello, hello, hello

Yes I'm crazy, so crazy about you




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