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Shania Twain - Black eyes, blue tears



Black eyes, I don't need 'em

Blue tears, gimme freedom

Positively never goin' back

I won't live where things are so out of whack

No more rollin' with the punches

No more usin' or abusin'


I'd rather die standing

Than live on my knees

Begging please--no more


Black eyes--I don't need 'em

Blue tears--gimme freedom

Black eyes--all behind me

Blue tears'll never find me now

Definitely found my self-esteem

Finally--I'm forever free to dream

No more cryin' in the corner

No excuses--no more bruises



I'd rather die standing

Than live on my knees, begging please...


It's all behind me, they'll never find me now

Find your self-esteem and be forever free to dream




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