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Shania Twain - Whatever you do! don't!



Deep in Denialville

Tryin' a' fight the way I feel

I go jello when you smile

I start blushin'--my head rushin'

If you stand too close to me

I might melt down from the heat

If ya' look my way one more time

I'm gonna go out of my mind

Whatever you do. . .


Don't even think about it!

Don't go and get me started!

Don't you dare drive me crazy!

Don't do that to me baby!

You stop me in my tracks

My heart pumpin' to the max

I'm such a sucker for your eyes

They permanently paralyze

Whatever you do. . .


(Whatever you do, don't do that to me)

You got my heart under attack

You give me shivers down my back

D'ya have to walk the way you do?

I get weak just watchin' you

Whatever you do. . .


Don't do that-don't do that




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