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Steve Vai - Here & now



Here we stand, as time keeps turning, near and far, the fires are burning

Victory, the endless passion, for a cause, we will take an action

I'm not a savior, I'm not a king, there's only the voice in your head

But I feel your anger, I speak your peace, freedom time is here

So are you ready for the here and now

Sacrifice, the soul keeps baring, bring new life to a world worth sparing

I'm not a prophet, I'm not a prince, the ego dies with the flesh

You are the garden, I am the seed, harvest time is here

But tell me are you ready for the here and now

Courage, sacrifice, victory, freedom


One for all, time is fleeting, hear the call, our world is bleeding

There are no saviors, there are no kings, the power lies in your hands

So, you be the fire, the light without heat, precious time is here

So tell me are you ready for the here and now, so tell me are you ready

Are you ready for the here and now, so tell me are you ready

Are you ready for the here and now, so tell me are you ready




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