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Streetlight Manifesto - If And When We Rise Again



Don't you come to me with all your color-coded quotes

Everybody's laughing but they never ever get my jokes

Fool, you're a tool, a sheep

And it's obvious to everyone but company you keep

And don't you squint at me because your childhood was the pits

Every single one of us have trodden through our shit

Oh, and I know you're shrewd

Cause I smell it on your clothes

And it's in everything you do

Falling, fallen, we all fall down

It only really matters how we stand our ground

And if and when we rise to our feet again

We'll be on our own

Everything we built (it's gone)

And every one around (is stunned)

We just sit here staring blankly

And everything goes numb

Lord, if I felt a thing

I could wrap my mind around this

And prevent our getting singed

And please excuse my enemies

I think they do not know

I will gladly self destruct if they leave me alone

friend, that's the end of us

Cause you're way behind in empathy and overdue on trust

Calmly, calmly and patiently

We've seen all the evidence

But still cannot believe

and if and when we rise to our feet again

We'll be on our own

Somehow, someway, we persevere

The questions on our lips fall on deafened ears

and if and when we rise to our feet again

We'll be on our own




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