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Talib Kweli - Joy



[Talib Kweli]

Wooaahh! yeah

on top of the world

Yeah, that's how my seeds got me feeling' right now

on top of the world

Yeah, you ever felt like you could do anything, (Yeah)

on top of the world

(?) I'ma hold y'all down for real, (Gotcha!)

[Talib Kweli]

It was 1996, 4th of July, looking off in the sky

dealing with thoughts inside, when something caught my eye

It was a silhoutte of a beautiful woman, bright with life

carrying my first seed, looking like she gone bear fruit tonight

We at the African street festival, and she walking around

talking about the midwife said, that bring the baby down

I'm about to be a father, the sights and sounds, seem brighter around me

and for starters, I know I'ma work harder, word

We got home at three in the morning, I was beat

them contractions started coming as soon as I fell asleep

3:05, like every five minutes, then the water broke

we on the go, yelling at the cabbie, cause he's sort of slow

You know them hospitals all trying to get paid, no questions

hear come the doctor's with they drugs, trying to do c-sections

But my baby stay's strong, in labor for yay long

eight-pound baby boy, to carry my name on, joy!

[Chorus: Mos Def + (Talib Kweli)]

Huh, yeah

I know how you feel, Kweli I know how you feel

(That's the sound of joy)

See my brother, I know how you feel, Kweli, I know how you feel

(That's the sound of joy)

So when you, have a seed, come in the world, say dog that sh**'s real

(That's the sound of joy, y'all)

Huh, Kweli, yo I know how you feel, Kweli, yo I know how you feel

My baby girl

[Talib Kweli]

June 10th, 1999, I been on the grind

since the birth of my son, it's been about, way more then rhymes

Baby on the way, my lady glowing today, at least

that's what the midwife said, on the phone

Anyway, the music got me going away

Like everyday, but it's a blessing, so I gotta have patience

and she got pregnant on a Jamaican vacation

So it's all good, this time well have the baby in a house

I went the hospital route, I know what they all about (Never again)

So I'm out on tour, in Baltimore

get the call around four, when the water hit the floor (Damn!)

I gotta rock my show, but I gotta go

got second thoughts about her not going, to the hospital

I left the show early, Mos held me down, good looking (No doubt)

call the car service, like, take me straight to Brooklyn (Uh huh)

Got the news in the car, stayed sorta calm

but I cried tears of joy, when they put my daughter in my arms, how precious!

[Chorus: Mos Def + (Talib Kweli)]

Huh, huh

Said I know how you feel, uh, said I know how you feel when you

(My precious joy)

Said I know how you feel, uh, Kwe I know how you feel

(I know you do, huh, my precious joy y'all)

Huh, uh, said I know how you feel (yeah), said I know how you feel

(My precious joy)

Huh, man I know how you feel (yeah), said I know how you feel

[Talib Kweli]

I do it for the seeds y'all, in they formative years when they need y'all

we gotta believe, in what we conceive y'all, it's deep y'all

I give them the truth, so they approach the situation, with ammunition

I keep nothing away, they hear everything, cause they know how to listen

Teach them the game, so they know they position, so they can grow

and make decisions, that change the world, and break old tradition

They put kids in jail, for a life they ain't even get to start

that's murder too, and it's breaking my heart, it's breaking our nation apart

We gave the youth all the anger, it's just

we ain't taught them, how to express it, and so it's dangerous

You can't talk to them

Unless your language is relating to what they going through

so busy ignoring them, you can't see what they showing you

And you wonder, why we called baby-daddy's and baby-momma's

when we grow up, we can't act like adult mothers and fathers, yo

I'm so blessed to have a boy and a girl, everyday they bring joy to my world

[Chorus: Mos Def + (Talib Kweli)]

Huh, yeah

I know how you feel, Kweli I know how you feel

(That's the sound of joy)

Brother Kwe', I know how you feel, Brother Kwe', I know how you feel

(Baby girl, my precious joy)

Kweli, I know how you feel, say bro' I know how you feel

(Fela, be my joy, yo)

Huh, if you know how the people feel, let me really know how you...yo

I do it for the seeds y'all [Repeat 5x]




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