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The lox - Livin' the life




Everything involves the Lox, ask the niggaz with the money in the safe

and the cats on cell blocks. Car parked in the lot, door is locked and the

only time the phone is blocked when home is hot. I announce the bounce

move like an ounce flow more ways than one ya'll niggaz count one

mississippi you cant get with me two mississippi you never gonna hit me

three mississippi cant no bitch trick me four mississippi wont no dog

sick me five mississippi we in mississippi twenty deep on the block real

niggaz'll rock with me blazin revin' in the black nine eleven LOX outta

sight like Michael Knight and Devon livin dead hoes givin head to the

feds catch them with the calico light them up in bed

Chorus: Living the life either you rise or fall it's a two way street be

large or small Livin' the life you die or ball it's a two way street be rich

or poor (REPEAT)

My niggaz order parts from cars like mother fucking pizza for years

while you get all yours from Sears what nigga even my guns be Ger-man

links Cu-ban rugs Per-sian now we could take this to another level papa

and simply bust your pinata you hassa Lox take blocks turn them in to

Fort Knox cake wasn;t flowing here till we started going there what I

aint hating you cause yous a little richer, but you old and I'm young so

that means I think quicker. When the Benz truck I bent up I bounced

with the Lambo-gina (car) pump the mista black berry molassa (song)

flossin with the bad mammasita (girl) my chica be ten cent job with the

government tap the fed lines so when they raid I be loving it.

Chorus: Living the life either you rise or fall it's a two way street be

large or small Livin' the life you die or ball it's a two way street be rich

or poor (REPEAT)

I swear under oath no bullshit will any LOX take cause we stop drama

like Annie like lock breaks high stakes politic pies and cakes real niggaz

do dirt tell lies and skate what up son, what you bullshtiin bout now

huh? where we from dont matter cause we gettin it done Land Rover

double sun roof bulletproof Tangueray and grapefruit got me hurlin on

my boots man please spit it out twist the trees 540i fly when Im dissin

them dees deep dish be sip Don p with ease first two words I ever

learned cock and squeeze aint about that do with out that makin niggaz

fuck up they budget time to get their paper route back L-O-X three letter

word black mob with every last member of the team on the job whether

it controlling the street or holdon the heat it really dont matter to me

long as we eat.




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