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Timbaland - Keep It Real



(feat. Ginuwine)


Uh huh, uh huh

Uh, uh, uh uh

(oogie oogie overlaps)


[Ginuwine - Verse One]

You can't fool me girl

I know you well

What's on your mind

It ain't hard to tell

Don't leave me now

Don't play wit' me

You think I'm blind

But baby I can see

I saw your eyes, from across the room

You was checkin' me out, and I was scopin' you too

Don't say I'm wrong (what)

Don't mind those eyes

I'ma call your bluff

So baby tell me why

[Ginuwine (Timbaland) - CHORUS]

Tell me standing here (tell me baby am I gettin' on your nerves)

Baby keep it real (why don't you tell me how you feel)

Tell me what's on your mind (tell me am I wasting my time)

I gotta know, baby let me know

(repeat x2)

[Ginuwine - Verse Two]

Could you have told me girl

Is what I said

You can tell the truth

I'm all in your hand

And what's wrong wit' that

Are you ashamed of me?

You can fool your girls

But you can't fool G

I saw your eyes, from across the room

You was checkin' me out, I was scopin' you too

Oh I'll turn and walk away

If you deny (I)

But before I go

Could you tell me why

[Repeat CHORUS x2]


Baby baby

Baby baby

What's yo name

What's yo name

How bout you

How bout you

Come play our game

Come play our game

It's me and Ginuwine

It's me and Ginuwine

A new day and time

A new day and time

C'mon baby

C'mon baby

Wha wah wha

Wha wah wha

[Repeat CHORUS x 3]




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