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Timbaland - Smoke In Da' Air



(feat. Magoo, Static)


To my niggas

How you feel?

Can we chill?

Or do we have to pop that steel?

Cause it's a hot day around our way

We got the pistols around our waist

Hate to kill a nigga, why?

Cause my nigga style he's got that killa, what?

What do you mean killa?

I mean that bee

Those ganja trees

Those cut up leaves

Please... can I get a puff? What?

Please... can I get a puff? What?

With my wiatch

Pretend that I am riach

Please, please, can I, can I lick that cliat

You can go down

You can go down, go down

You can go down, girl I was just playing around


Back to my focus

Y'all gonna be my soldiers

And I'm gonna be the bank broker



All I smell is smoke in da' air

Nuthin but thefools downstairs (drag stairs)


All I smell is smoke in da' air

Nuthin but the fools downstairs (drag stairs)


Timbaland (behind the chorus):

Say what?

Ha ha, say what? Say what?

Like dat

Like dat

Like dat nigga

Say what?

Say what? Say what? Say what?

Magoo what?


You know we got plenty of smokin'

Open for pussy pokin'

Clown but we ain't jokin'

2 pound of weed token

Beep me at 12 noon

After my cartoons

Later a peach moves cause you gonna be high soon

Now you got your bowl shorty

Nursin' a cheap forty

Lordy was shootin' dice

Point and you winn forty

Six be a damn point

Roll and you hit the joint

Lookin for blazing dude

Your head was a juke joint

So you get two dimes

Cause you got two highs

Two niggas want to smoke

So you got two lies

Think you see two hoes

Cause hoes got to smoke too

Hope you got ten yards

Cause this blunt will never due

See I remain true

Only toke two lies

Just to the two guys

No shake with my damn fries

Open your freakin' eyes

Cause blunt my grand prize

Smokin was no surprise

I'm out with my true lies


Timbaland (behind the chorus):

Say what?

Say what? Say what?

Say what? Say what?

Say what? Say what?


Playa's knockin, rockin

Hoes clockin, jockin

Yeah sweatin, gettin

Thugs threatin, beatin

Dice shootin, smokin

Hootie hootin, loukin

Gun, I got your token

Lick, I got hoes open

No chumpin, bumpin

Timb's speakers thumpin

Making your moves somethin

Rode, it would be jumpin

Hoe humpin, freakin

Hoes silly, leakin

Hook it up, weekend

All night freakin

Which trick I'm dickin

Hope she lickin

My Kentucky chicken

Damn this enough pickin

Just groupin, chillin

Ready able, willin

If they blunts, they fillin

Party people you dealin with another level


Timbaland (behind chorus):

Say what?

Say what? Say what?

Say what? Say what?

Ride it


Ride it bitch

Ride it

Ride it bitch

Say what?

Yo babe, come her

Now let me get that (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Can you hear me? (Oooooh)

Can you feel me? (Oooooh)

Can you hear me? (Ooooh)

Can you feel me? (Ooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Say what? (Oooooh)

Get off baby (Ooooh)


Check this switch out baby (Ooooh)

Let me talk to you for a minute (Ooooh)

(Change beat to "Can We" by SWV)

Can we get kinky tonight

I got so many things on my mind

I never seen a girl so fly

I want you to do me, do me




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