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Toni Braxton - Un break my heart



don't leave me in all this pain

don't leave me out on the rain

come back and bring back

my smile

come and take these

tears away

i need your arms

to hold me now

the nights are so unkind

bring bach those nights

when i held you beside me

un-break my hart

say you'll love me again

undo this hurt you caused

when you walked out the door

and walked out of my life

un-cry these tears

i cried so many nights

un break my heart

my heart

take back that sad word


bring back the joy to my life

don't leave me here with

these tears

come and kiss the pain away

i can't forget the day you left

time is so unkind

and life is so cruel

without you

here beside me

un-break my hart.............

don't leave me all this pain

don't leave me out in the rain

bring back the nights when

i held you beside me

un break my heart............

un break my heart oh baby

come back and say you love me

un-break my hart sweet darlin

without you i just can't go on.....




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