Besedila pesmi

Twin beat - Message



(answering Machine) welcome home Twins, you have two unheard voice messages,

message 1(beep)

(cyrus' girl) a cy baby, u home? I just wanted to tell you I might not be home

when you call. Bye baby-----(backround) Tyreak baby stop! ha ha !(dial tone)

Message 2(beep) (cammy's boy) aye baby wat? how come u aint home? where are

you ooowww!!! damn girl not that hard (hooker) sorry! oh damn! uhh bye!

Both: What the hell?



both: Message,message, I heard it on the machine,message.message, that you

were cheating on me,message,message, i guess it's plaine to see,

message,message, that u aint my baby,message,message

Cyrus:I heard that message,(message,message),it wasn't very

nice,(message,message),to come home to my baby,(message,message)knowin'

someone else is starin' in her eyes!,(message,message) i can't believe youd

hurt me,(message,message) u make me want to die,

yes,yes,yes.(message,message),now i don't want to cry,(message,message) tears

comin' from my eyes(message,message)all my love was for you

(message,message)until this day,ohhh,why?(message,message)

Chorus 2X

Cammy:After i heard that shit(message,message)wonderd if i was gone make

it(message,message)went and sat on my bed(message,message)thinkin' or whishin

in my head(message,message) i wish i was dead..........

(message,message)I saw a picture of you(message,message)riped it up and threw

it away...........

(message,message)when i looked at yo face(message,message)realizin' u weren't

my baby no mo(message,

message)the pain in my heart(message,message)will never go

away(message,message)that reason i'm here

(message,message)is to,to say............!!!!!!!!!!!

Chorus 4X

Bridge:(message,message in backround) Now i never new that i wasn't good

enough fo u, ya hurt me so bad,

and all you do is sit there and laugh, 2X

(Crashing sound, music stops for 10 seconds) Left Eye: Left Eye has entered

the studio,yo,yo, wah,wah,check this uuuuhhhhh!!

I heard u left a message that completly hurt my dawgs, i don't take kindly to

bitches' in thongs,tryin ta get the better man, tryin' ta get a better plan,

ya better reconize, cause i epitomize 4 words sayin' ima beat yo ass.

ya better run,run,run like forest gump, cause when i get thruogh wit u, all

you gon have is that cheap ass shoe.

u gon get whip lash when i tap dat ass, i don't lie!, ima beat on u like whit

on rye!! who u bout ta go get, u don't

scare me wit yo silly shit, i aint tryin' to break my nails again, to have fag

named Sphen fix em wit couple thousand doller trim, if u tryin ta test my

patiances, i don't think you'll make it past my level breakege!!

Shit, Like TLC, we don't want no Scrubs, to words for you baby, GET



Chorus until fade!!!!!!!!!




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Twin beat, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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