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Unseen - Greed is a disease



If you're sick and disease stricken

The system's got the cure that your not getting

Getting unless you're one of the elite

And that's the only way that your illness can be beat

With a nice insurance policy their eyes light up

These rich bas****s doctors are shady and corrupt

To make a million dollars off of someone's pain

Those heartless f***in bas****s have no f***in shame

Medicines and treatment they should all be free

But that will never happen in our society

If your broke, unhappily they take you in

If your heavily insured you should see their f***in grin

As you pop your pills, they pop their champagne

As your paying off your debt, they're boarding a plane

Your misfortune pays for their vacation

And the million dollar houses they reside in

They don't care about your health, only their wallets

Their greed is a disease and we got to stop it

Greed is a disease




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