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Usher - Bad Girl




What yall know about a ..super model

Fresh outta elle magazine her own bottles..look pimp juice..I

Keep me one

Bad than a mother..i hear you sayin..i need a bad girl..better hear


If you're a bad girl..players, when you see me

Act like you know me yall..i keep a dollar's worth of dimes

You know pimpin aint easy..for all my chicks in the club

Who knows how to cut a rug..if you're a bad girl..get at me bad girl


Ooh, work me baby..shakin it in the way i like

I’m ready to be bad..i need a bad bad girl..say yeah..get at me

bad girl

What sexy lady's comin home home with me tonight im ready to

be bad

I need a bad girl..super bad baby..get at me bad girl

Verse 2

Now i seen a lot of broads..all on one accord..everyone look the

same but

Take a look at my dame..she take that hypnotica alaze

There ain't much more i can say but..i need a bad girl

If you're a bad one thou on the bar now

Chick need a drink on the floor now

Look at them had girls movin it..makin faces while they doin it

Ah, i want to one hit to the close i'm smellin like your


If you're a a bad girl..get at me bad girl


Chant hook:

Imma get me one of them get me one of them get me one of them get

me one of them get me one of them get me one of them

OH, OH OH OH OH..get at me bad girl


If you wanna party..i got what you lookin for..come see me in the VIP..for

bad company..its very necessary


(Chant hook)

Vamp Callin all girls around the world yeah get bad if you’re out there I wanna

See you if you hear me get at me

Bad girls around the world yeah say bad if you're out there i wanna see you if you

Hear me get me a bad girl




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