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Will Smith - I Loved You



I thought you was the one hon yeah

when I met you at the Freak Nik'

whoever thought you'd be the type to greet and keep secrets

my friends said don't sleep but I did so now I'm reapin'

da seeds that I sowed I can't believe you so deceivin'

sneakin' out on the weekends with Michelle

one of your freak friends from the east end she bad as hell

half black and Indonesian the one that taught you treason

cupid shoot me on my heart but damn why'd you leave it bleedin'

I gave you no reason to lie

but you choose to live untrue

knowing how I feel inside

there's no telling what I might do

cause I gave you


all my mind

all my soul

from the very start

I gave you full control and you broke my heart

I tried to show you a better way of life

but I see that must be what you like

I loved you more than anything

I tried to build the future turn a house into a home

I wanted us to be one flesh and one bone

it's so hard to keep my sanity

now I can do is sit back and reminisce

look at the pictures in the frames yo

why you playin' games yo

as I think back to the begining we was together

we both loved sports, long walks, and autumn weather

both wanted kids and a family a strong personality

I liked the way you handled me

candles be lit mood set food set you ready yet?

that's what you said while you was massagin' my head

now look here I could never leave you lonely

cause the love you showed me had me feeling like you already had known me

'member when you used to blindfold me till I don't see

use your mind that's what you told me

kissin' me slowly

never was the loud type always on the low key

pretty style but rugged

and damn I brother I loved it

the birds of a feather 'sposed to fly together

guess that don't apply to birds of your kind

cause you only wanted what you wanted like a poacher

came to steal my heart and leave me to die

(I ain't going out like that though)





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