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World Is Not Enough OST, The - The World is Not Enough - Garbage




I know how to hurt, I know how to kill,

<br>I know what to show, and what to conceal.

<br>I know when to talk, and I know when to touch,

<br>No one ever died from wanting too much.


<br>The world is not enough,

<br>But it is such a perfect place to start, my love.

<br>And if you're strong enough,

<br>Together we can take the world apart, my love.

<br><br>People like us, know how to survive,

<br>There's no point in living, if you can't feel the life.

<br>We know when to kiss, and we know when to kill,

<br>If we can't have it all, then nobody will.


<br><br>I-I feel sick. I-I feel scared.

<br>I-I feel ready. And heaven prepare...




<br>The world is not enough, the world is not enough.<br><br>




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