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Yolanda Adams - Time To Change



We got something to say

ya' know

it's wanna those joints here


Umm, Hmm...

check this out

ya know

it's time to change



It's been to long it's time to change

Can't get away with every thing,

please tell me why you wait

Gotta answer for yourself someday

A man that I know from the neighborhood

Whenever I see him he's up to no good

Taking from others to get what he wants


he thinks that there's no way he'll ever get caught.


Husband and wife a baby girl, there happy

but then there's a woman from down the street

writing letters and

sending pictures and,

doing all that she can

tyring hard to gain

the attention of a married man (girl ya' wrong now)

Ya, story is

I'm just a kid, and it's all in fun

ya never stop

to reilize ya hurting someone

How would you feel if everything was turned around

and everyday somebody was putting you down (ohh.. too long)




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